Products & services

Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can offer tailor-made products, which are able to satisfy the specific needs of any customer. We personalize your products not only in terms of the colors to be represented, but also with reference to the format and design of the color sample, helping you to choose the best solution.



We can reproduce any kind of color: solid, metallic, pearlescent and any other effect colors.

The extent of our offer also concerns the type of paint to be used for color sample production, at least with reference to the coating process, while the spraying technology calls for the use of customer’s original paint. For those customers who select the coating process in fact, as an alternative for their own product, we offer a range of painting systems, allowing them to choose the most effective solution, with reference to the specificity of their business, as well as the kind of color to represent.



From the classic stripe or fully coated fan decks, appropriate for a professional use, to the color cards, which can be supplied either unpackaged or mounted on charts and posters, perfect for communicating with the final users in DIY stores, the opportunities of personalization are almost endless. We will take care of selecting the format which best suits your needs.


Besides our tailor made products, we also have two standard products available for our Car Refinishing and industrial customers, which represent a selection of the colors most commonly used in those two segments of market.


color tool made of 1200 – base version – or 2400 – plus version – color chips, which are displayed in chromatic order within 14 or 20 fan decks. Chromindustry is a semi-abstract system, in the sense that not only each color has a chromatic code that identifies its position in the color sequence we developed internally, but it also corresponds to a color existing on the market of reference. This system addresses the paint manufacturers who operate in the market of industrial coating.


color tool made of almost 4000 color chips, which, at customer’s choice, can be displayed either chromatically or according to the original car manufacturer code on 42 fan decks. This system, which addresses the customers that operate in the Car Refinishing segment, represents a selection of the most important color currently existing in the automotive market, together with their main variants. Each year we update the system with the new colors issued by the most important car manufacturers worldwide.

For both the products, we offer different solutions for the personalization of the display where the fan decks are inserted, starting with our famous plastic suitcase.



Besides the production of color sample, we also offer a wide range of complementary and additional services, such as the warehousing of your products before they are issued on the market. In addition, we also offer a mailing service, by delivering your products to your distributors around the world directly from our warehouse.
We also offer a service of color formulation with your paint material, either waterborne or solventborne, and a service of design and production of housing solutions for your color documentation.

Our long-lasting experience and know-how are at your complete disposal, with the aim of creating the ground for your business to grow.